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Northern Quarter
Northern Quarter
Northern Quarter


It is rare within the CBD to be able to re-develop a site as large as we have had the opportunity to here. The scale of the building compared to the current level of development surrounding means that a sensitive approach was required, yet the form of the site and disconnect in visible façade to the street has allowed the play of treatment seen between the strand elevation and the main bulk of the building visible from Harrington Street and Hamilton Street. 

For design inspiration the sites rich history of placemaking within Tauranga was drawn upon and the heritage aspects were brought through with the use of brick cladding and tall arched windows to the internal street. This is combined with an industrial aesthetic with the uppermost level constructed of Dark metal cladding and the end elevations largely glazed with a low pitch roof reminiscent of industrial warehouse architecture.

When looking at the strand elevation, the availability of views over the harbour were an important factor and this has driven both the quantum of glazing and also the addition of balconies from which to enjoy this aspect from and create outdoor breakout spaces to the office spaces on the upper 3 levels. This led onto to a contemporary choice of materials, with a slatted vertical screen and canopy defining the main building entry.

The building contains a mixture of Hospitality Areas, a conference centre, and 3 levels of office space, with balconies looking toward the strand on all levels, and western balconies on the uppermost level. The semi basement parking provides parking for Cars and bicycles and the End of Trip facilities will encourage more people to walk, cycle and run to this city centre location.

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