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It is a Kura and Stage One was completed 4 years ago and it has been growing steadily ever since the very first term. Due to this increased demand from the local community and parents wanting to enrole their children it was essential that Stage 2 was designed and completed.


Graham Price was the design director of the original Kura and with an understanding of the MOE and Board of trustee’s Vision and interpretation into the built form. Mauao is the spiritual mountain for the 3 local Iwi and this was embodied in the layering and story behind the design solution.


In essence the central courtyard was inspired by a bird’s eye view of Mauao and the materials, textures and colours are representative of the natural environment, such as the rocks, the aquamarine water’s edge, the variety of green foliage, grasses and distinctive Pohutekawa.


The masterplan allowed space for the new building which now provide a space equivalent to an additional 5 classrooms with library and resources. The main learning environment is an open-plan slightly curved space with high – level windows for diffused light and cross ventilation.


The story telling and cultural interpretation continued between the design team, the Principal and the Board. The Sunrise and Sunset became the foundation of the design and colour palette. The importance of the Mount and the end to each and every day had significant meaning to the local Iwi and Hapu. The moody purples, pinks and deep blues are used throughout the interior in the carpet, patterns, walls, acoustic autex panels and the purpose designed benches and mobile resource units.


The high level “ Pa “ style acoustic panels were made from natural timber ribs of various sizes and stains to reflect the colours of natural bush of Mauao.

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