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The Mangatawa Tari offices embody the local legend of the 3 whales Kopukairoa, Mangatawa and Hikurangi. Inspired by the form of baby Kopukairoa's tail, the new building holds a unique identity true to the culture and people of the land and marks the heart of the local Iwi Tauranga Moana and Te Arawa.

The new facility is strategically sited on the northern slope of Mangatawa Maunga to overlook the incorporations lands, property and the sacred mountain commonly called Mt Maunganui, traditionally known as Mauao.

While responding to the specific functional needs of the client and carefully considering its context in this special natural site, Mangatawa Tari delivers an inspirational and multi award winning landmark administration building to house the management and operational staff of the Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Inc (MPBI). 


Mangatawa Tari Offices were the recipient of 3 awards at the New Zealand Commercial Project Awards 2017; Commercial Architecture Gold Award, National Category Gold Award, and Commercial architecture Special award winner.

They were also the recipient of the NZIA 2018 commercial architecture award

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