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Completed under Graham Price, Design Director at a previous practice


The Warwick’s vision for this unique resort is the protection and enhancement of the prestige lagoon, beach and rain forest. The 4 to 5 star resort is planned to be built in 4 stages. Stage 1 began in 2013 consisting of a blend of 80 rooms and villas nestling amongst the rain forest and on the fringe of the beach. The ultimate visitor experience is the natural lagoon which will be kept undeveloped.


The plateau drops 35 metres onto the beach and down a cliff face into the lagoon. The coastal reception building, bar and restaurants are located on the edge with beautiful views over the reef.


The vernacular has been defined by capturing the traditional typology of the Samoan Fale and reinterpreted to suit the requirements and modern comfort level necessary to this type of hotel.


Careful attention has been paid to minimise the visual impact of the buildings by a sensitive choice of materials and by integrating the buildings in the vegetation and landscaping.


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