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Completed under Graham Price, Design Director at a previous practice


The brief was to review and redevelop the 20 year Master Plan for the redevelopment of Waiariki’s Mokoia campus. 10 years after the initial concept the goal was still to transform the campus and facilities into a modern sustainable campus for the future. 


The staging of the Master Plan allowed for the continued use of the facilities during the development process by creating precincts along the radial boulevards to focus and separate the pedestrian and vehicle movements in and around campus allowing for individual precincts to be developed as the needs arose. 


The development amplifies the vibrant focal point, or heart, within the campus while 

retaining the link and focus on the already existing marae as the head, or destination. The different precincts connect both internally and externally allowing for easy access to the facilities by the community. 


The Master Plan integrates and relates to the surrounding areas, including the tree Trust Park, while allowing for future expansion along the radial boulevards into the surrounding available land. 


The outcome of this master-planning has been to re-create a road map for the future that creates an exciting and sustainable campus allowing for upgrading and expansion of the existing facilities and services. 

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