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This Intermediate school is the largest in New Zealand with 1200 students that progress onto local High schools in the city. The School and Board’s vision was to build a new “ Modern Learning Environment “ for 390 students that replace 12 existing classrooms that were being demolished. 

The design concept created 3 learning pods which each had to accommodate 130 students in an open-plan flexible learning environment. The pods are simple but strong in their form with quality metal seamed cladding and cedar features. They have controlled transparency, which connects to learning courtyards and the existing trees, which are symbolic of the names of each House at the School. 

The Interior design is extremely important in providing stimulating spaces that are acoustically treated and can meet the teaching and learning needs of the curriculum and teacher’s unique style of teaching. Moving pivoted partitions, withdrawal rooms, wet areas and modular furniture and the latest technology are fundamental to the success of the learning experience. 

This project was the winner of the 2018 NZIA education award and the 2018 Resene Colour Award

NZIA 2018 Local Awards Badge_Waikato_Col
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