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Completed under Graham Price, Design Director at a previous practice


The Natadola Bay Resort Golf Club is designed in a contemporary interpretation of the Fijian traditional village vernacular, with its typical roof shoes and the chief’s hut being the central feature creating an internal bar space 16m in height. The chief’s roof is also a marker identifying the clubhouse on the 10 km undulating golf course.


The shape of the building has been designed to follow the contours of the ridge. The main central axis of the entrance and the bar is aligned with the axis of the 18th fairway, overlooking the 18th green.


The interior spaces are open sided with bi-fold doors which can be closed to protect them from the wind and the rain. Terrace seating on the verandah is provided to enjoy panoramic views over the Vijay Singh designed golf course and the distant views of the Natadola Bay lagoon and reef as well as the sunset. The use of natural materials, native hardwood, cedar shingles and local stone blends the clubhouse harmoniously with the landscape.


The Natadola Bay Resort Gold Club is a complementary destination to the neighbouring Intercontinental Hotel.



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