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The vision for the Birthing Centre was for a unique facility that closely nurtures the pre and post experience for mum and baby alike and allows the immediate involvement and bonding for the dads too. In addition to the required specialist spaces, the centre comprises of 6 Premium Rooms and 6 slightly larger Deluxe Rooms, all with queen beds and birthing baths with showers over.


The intention was to provide and integrated fit out and a flexible interior space that is functional with a warm, luxurious ambience. It is not seen as a typical maternity facility but feels more like a hotel for expectant mothers or a home away from home’ experience. It was very important to create a beautiful calm and non clinical environment with high end finishes and a good sense of space and privacy.


The neutral palette was paired with touches of pastel colour, natural materials, textural variety and a combination of luxurious firm and soft furnishings in a minimal style.

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